Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney  

Welcome to your first step in financial relief.  I’m Veteran Macomb County Bankruptcy Attorney, Jeffrey Randa, who has helped thousands of families and individuals living in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, St. Clair, Sanilac and Monroe Counties.  If you are struggling with that persistent debt that just won’t seem to go away, maybe it is time you deserve to get help too.  

I want all my clients to feel comfortable - and never pressured.






In my Mt. Clemens office there are three important things we do to make the process easy, convenient, and affordable: 

1.  NO hidden costs

$1300 – includes Attorney fee and filing fee.

Payment plan available-  $100 down to get started.

$50.00 discount offered for payment in full at initial office visit.

2.  NO gimmicks or "appointment" tricks

When you call my office, a free, confidential consultation is done right over the phone to help you pick the best course of action that can help you the most. 


3.  My office prides itself on being friendly, honest, and very helpful.  

We understand how difficult juggling debt can be and we also understand how our help can give you peace of mind and room to breathe again. 

Whatever your circumstances, from the moment you pick up the phone and speak with my office you will be glad you did.  Those lingering questions you have will be answered.  A plan will be put into place to give you a brighter and financially better future.

Dignity and Defense

It is quite common for someone to feel uncomfortable when they have to file for Bankruptcy.  While those emotions and feelings are normal, they are somewhat misplaced. Everyone can have unforeseen setbacks, even the wealthy.  Feelings of loss and emotions can sometimes interfere with what would be a common sense approach to getting financially back on track.   Chances are, you've tried everything you can to pay your bills.  At the point where your debt starts causing you too much stress, you need to fix things...

Understanding that your situation is unlikely to get better with more debt than income is where you must put that stress aside and defend yourself to keep what you have and eliminate the heavy baggage.  There is no loss of dignity in recognizing that without winning the lottery,  your debt is just not going to go away on its own.

Make the right choice:

No one ever imagines filing for bankruptcy, but the truth is it will almost certainly be the best financial thing you can do for yourself.  Juggling debt is just that - juggling!  Filing for Chapter 7 eliminates your debt.  That means it's gone forever!  Doesn't that sound better than stressing out from paycheck to paycheck?  You might think filing for bankruptcy is hard, but it is easier than you think, and my office makes it easier than any.  It's a lot harder to keep borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, and not make any headway.  Does that sound familiar?  There is no good reason to be held back by debt that you simply cannot afford.  Give us call and ask your questions so we can move you on the road to DEBT RELIEF.

With over 20 years of experience and 100% success rate of getting good people out of debt, I can help you put your hard earned money back in your wallet, where it belongs.