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Putting an End to Garnishments

In Macomb County, MI, the median annual household income dropped 26.2 percent between 1999 and 2013. While the median income was $71,797 around 16 years ago, it was just $52,978 in 2013. The large decline in income may partly be accounted for by the decimation of the local manufacturing industry. In 2000, there were 106,415 manufacturing jobs in Macomb County. By 2010, there were just 51,526 jobs in manufacturing.

Even with an uptick caused by adding more than 17,000 new positions in manufacturing, there were still just 68,656 positions in this industry in Macomb County in 2014. This is a 35.5 percent decline from 2000.

Many families that once relied on manufacturing work have fallen on hard times. There have been pockets of growth that have driven unemployment numbers down, but only three job sectors have more available positions today than in 2000: information; health care or social assistance and education services. These jobs require specialized skills, so those who lost manufacturing work may not easily have been able to transition. Even today, those who lose a job may not be able to find one easily with so few opportunities available that do not require advanced training or specialized backgrounds.

Along with slow economic growth and limited local job opportunities comes more people struggling financially. Unfortunately, prolonged periods of job reduction can compound financial problems, often leaving Macomb families with significant debt that they fall behind on. This can lead to wage garnishment.

What a Wage Garnishment Order Means for You

If you are unable to pay your debts, your credit card company or other lender may pursue legal action against you. If the court determines you owe and have not paid, the court will enter a judgment for the plaintiff creditor that you will be expected to pay. If you do not have the money and make payment in full, the creditor can go back to court and get a wage garnishment order to collect on the judgment.

This means money will be taken from your paycheck before you receive the paycheck. This can be financially devastating. Many people who were forced to take lower paying work due to the decline in manufacturing jobs may be struggling just to pay everyday living expense and no money to pay on debts and may find themselves with a wage garnishment order that cuts into paychecks they are already working hard to stretch.

A Macomb County wage garnishment attorney can help find solutions so you can get your paycheck back again in full. For some debtors, bankruptcy can be the ideal solution. Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy could potentially result in the discharge of the debt you owe that led to the garnishment order.

Experienced lawyers can provide important information about your options and can provide legal representation as you try to stop your wages from being garnished. Contact Jeffrey J. Randa today to learn more.

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