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Our Law Firm Doesn’t Hide Fees

Clients looking for professional legal assistance in the area of bankruptcy by definition have neither time nor money to waste. The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Randa is a Macomb County bankruptcy law firm that embraces transparency. We don’t hide fees or play fee games with clients. Our fees are straightforward and complete. You will never discover any hidden filing fees or optional services you reasonably need to complete your filing or add on extra cost for assets, filing a joint bankruptcy petition or charge more for having “too many creditors”. We play it straight.

Our prices are reasonable, comparable and affordable. You can start the Bankruptcy process for $100.

We are a flat fee Chapter 7 Bankruptcy legal provider. Our fee includes the initial consultation, preparing the petition, answering your questions at any time during the pendency of your petition and representing your interests in the meeting of creditors. Our Detroit Chapter 7 attorney, Jeffrey J. Randa, will not obscure, muddy or hide any of your costs to complete this process.

  • Filing Fee: A required $335 dollar U.S. bankruptcy court filing fee. This is a standard fee required of all U.S. bankruptcy courts for the filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It has been in effect since June 1, 2014, and the federal government has not published or indicated any intent to raise the fee any time soon.
  • Discount: We give you $50 off, in the event that we enter into an agreement to represent you, our Chapter 7 law firm will give you a $50 dollar discount off your retainer fee if you are able to pay the entire amount up front at your first appointment.
  • Referral: You are required by the court to submit counseling certificates from accredited bankruptcy counseling services. We have worked hard to vet and negotiate low rates for our clients with the credit counseling services and can recommend services that will cost, on average, around $20 or less. Many law firms charge clients $100 for these services and then require clients to complete the courses at their law firm. All of the services we work with allow you to take these “classes” at home or online on your own schedule, and pay them directly.

Your complete cost for the services of our law firm’s legal counsel during your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is the same for everyone.

  1. Never will you be charged extra for filing a joint return with your spouse.
  2. Never will you be charged extra because you own a home.
  3. Never will you be charged extra because you own or lease vehicles.
  4. Never will you be charged extra for “to many creditors”.

No surprises. Just results.

Payment Plans

Our standard payment agreement requires a minimum of $100 dollars at our first in-person consultation. At that point, we establish a payment plan over the next six months, giving you the time you may need to come up with the cost of filing your bankruptcy petition, while our office defends off your creditors. There is no penalty for prepayment. The monthly payment paying toward your filing a bankruptcy petition is generally more affordable because you will be saving money not paying debt on credit cards, medical bills or other debt you need to eliminate.

Your petition will file your paperwork as soon as your fees are paid and we receive the required information from you to complete your paperwork.

Some firms file a “skeleton petition” on a client’s behalf before the client fully pays. Then they only complete the required full filing (which is required within ten days) if the client pays in full by then. If the client fails to pay his or her balance within those ten days, the case is dismissed and the client is out the money they paid the attorney. Our firm does not engage in this practice. We do not file your petition until you are completely paid, and then we make sure everything is done right until you get your discharge.

Our clients find our fee agreement not only workable, but extremely reasonable given the level of customer service and time we spend reviewing with you your personal finances and completing the myriad of forms required to submit for bankruptcy. Unlike some other firms who may charge you a fee and then hand you a stack of forms that merely overwhelm you further, our Macomb County bankruptcy law firm staff sits down with you to complete everything.

Your Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an investment in your future. The sooner you can control your debt, the sooner you can begin working toward a new start. That is the entire point of the bankruptcy process.

Finding the Money

Some clients come to us exasperated with their situation, both emotionally and financially. Our law firm has designed our fee schedule to reduce your stress as much as possible while allowing us to completely process your bankruptcy for you.

You will see the difference, because we are experts at helping clients go through bankruptcy with dignity.

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