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Ashlee is a talented and loyal paralegal who joined our Macomb County Chapter 7 law firm in 2009. She regularly answers clients’ questions and concerns and meets with them to begin the bankruptcy process. Whether she is explaining how bankruptcy works over the phone or meeting with a client in person to review each step of the filing process, Ashlee is determined to make every client feel relaxed and comfortable. She explains complicated procedures and paperwork and ensures that you understand all of the rights and options available to you.

Ashlee is a committed and dependable person who loves to talk and meet new people. She particularly enjoys helping families and individuals in the community where she lives and works. Ashlee grew up in Macomb County and is married with two young girls. She is the oldest of six children and received her degree in paralegal studies from Baker College in in June 2014.

In addition to working with Macomb County Chapter 7 attorney Jeffrey J. Randa for the past five years, Ashlee has also worked in the healthcare field in a Semi-Independent Program (SIP) home, where she cared for mentally handicap adults. During her time at our firm, Ashlee has developed a strong understanding of the bankruptcy process. She provides personalized service and attention to each of our clients. When handling a case she carefully takes clients through every step of the process and helps them to gather the documents and complete the forms necessary to file for bankruptcy.

If you have questions about the bankruptcy process or believe that you are in need of legal representation, we encourage you to contact the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Randa today. Ashlee, along with the entire team at our Macomb County Chapter 7 law firm, is committed to making the bankruptcy process as easy and efficient as possible.

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